To Do List For January to March

Your Hermann's tortoise should be someway into his hibernation period, so now is the time to give some thought into preparations for when he emerges from hibernation.

Things to do include:

  • Check bulbs and heat sources are working properly, and if necessary order replacements / spares;
  • Remove old substrate from tortoise tables, and replace with fresh mix of topsoil and play sand;
  • Check boundaries of outside enclosures are secure and escape proof;
  • Ensure there are no unwanted weeds/plants growing;
  • Plant tortoise friendly seeds either in pots or directly in your outside enclosure;
  • Check your supply of vitamin supplements and their use by dates.

And whilst your tortoise is hibernating you should:

  • Check temperatures are consistent several times a day;
  • Briefly open the fridge door to refresh air a couple of times a day;
  • Check for signs that your tortoise may have urniated and if he has bring out of hibernation;
  • Weigh your tortoise weekly - during the course of a month your tortoise should lose no more than 1% of its body weight, if it does you should bring it out of hibernation.