To Do List

October to December

Shorter cooler days means hibernation time is fast approaching for your tortoise. Based on your tortoises weight at the end of August you should have already decided whether you will hibernate or overwinter your tortoise

For hibernating tortoises things to do include:

  • Measure, weigh and check general health of your tortoise. Refer to the Jackson Ratio graph to check your tortoise is the correct weight for hibernation
  • Decide when you are going to start the wind down process in preparation for hibernation. We usually start ours in December.
  • Check that hibernation fridges are clean and in good working order and can maintain termperatures.
  • Check thermometers are working properly.

For Overwintering a tortoise things to do include:

  • Checking bulbs and heaters are working properly.
  • Start growing weeds and flowers indoors or in a greehouse as it can become hard to find good tortoise food outside during the winter months.